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Using The Scientific Method to study the Paranormal
Using The Scientific Method to study the Paranormal
The basis of Science is the ability to test a Hypothesis.

This can only be done by having instruments which can measure the phenomena in question. If measurements can’t be made then Science can’t be conducted.

Unfortunately, many paranormal experiences are very subjective and difficult to measure.

The main reason is that science doesn’t have instruments to directly measure paranormal abilities in a repeatable manner.

Other techniques need to be developed to reliably measure these phenomena including using groups of personal observations in a structured methodology to verify subjective experiences.

Some phenomena we will likely never be able to measure. These would include pretty far out experiences like those on the Astral Plane for which we have no understanding of how to sense through our instruments. We will only ever be able to measure these experiences through compiling subjective experiences from a large number of individuals.

It’s also useful to classify paranormal events by a “Scale of Believability”. The reason is to help the observer determine where they will draw the line on what is possible and what is fantasy. This scale goes as follows:

Telepathy-Probably True

A very common occurrence is when you think of someone and they call on the phone right away or how many married couples think the same thoughts at the same time.

Most people would agree because of these events, telepathy probably exists as a natural human ability in some form although it hasn't been validated by the accepted scientific standards yet

Psychic Healing-Very Likely

Many persons throughout history have reported natural healing from Christ to people in today's world. A lot of anecdotal evidence exists, and this is a common enough claim that most people would accept it's existence, but they are still somewhat skeptical. Of course the scientific community doesn’t validate this either.

Foretelling the Future-Improbable

Again, something commonly claimed. The standard story being someone who dreamed they saw a plane crash and then it happened. Now we are getting to something that is very subjective and can't be validated by today's scientific techniques.

Out of Body Experience-Leap Of Faith

Many books are written on this subject, and thousands of cases have been reported, but it is a totally subjective experience and not measurable objectively today

Mental Teleportation-Impossible/Ridiculous

I'm talking about Star Trek beaming capability without the machines. This is really getting to the edge, but again if you search the literature, there are cases of this event reported throughout history although it is extremely rare.

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