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Picking a wedding dress

Picking a wedding dress
Finding the ideal dress for your wedding is one of the most important shopping expeditions you will ever make. You may have been inspired by magazines, websites and even dresses you have seen at others weddings, all giving you an idea of how your perfect dress will look. Once you have tried on some dresses you will have a clearer idea of what will best suit you and your wedding, allowing you to find that dream dress. So how do you begin the process?

What’s your wedding style?

The type of dress you choose will be influenced at least in part by the type of wedding you are having. A large church wedding is likely to be a more formal affair than a mid-week registry office do. You may want to keep things quite traditional, choosing a long white dress complete with train, tiara and veil. Alternatively, shorter Fifties-style vintage dresses are a fabulous option for a less conventional wedding.

Although white, ivory or cream are popular colour choices, there are plenty of other shades that can also look stunning. Dark red and purples make a dramatic statement whilst pale pinks and soft peaches can look very pretty. The time of year of your marriage may also affect your dress choice. At a winter wedding you might consider a long heavy dress with a bolero or shrug to keep your shoulders warm, whilst for a beach wedding in a tropical location, a simple shorter dress in a lightweight fabric might be your preferred option.

What makes you feel good?

On your wedding day you want to look your best, and that means also ensuring you feel your best. The perfect dress will emphasise your finest features and minimise any that you are less happy with. For example, if you are uncomfortable exposing your shoulders, opt for a dress with cap sleeves. Sheer long floaty sleeves are ideal if you are self-conscious about your arms and look enchantingly pretty.

If you have a slim waist, emphasise this with a corset or wrap-style dress to show off your figure. A ballerina-style prom dress will skim over your hips and make the most of your legs. If you would prefer a looser fitting dress over your stomach, empire-lines dresses that flow from under the bust are a sophisticated option. Choosing a dress that you feel comfortable in will allow you to feel confident about how you look and make you feel utterly gorgeous.

Style and comfort

The perfect dress needs not only to look good but also be practical for extended wear. A typical wedding can last up to twelve hours so you need to be comfortable in your dress for long periods of time.

Tightly-boned corsetry may look stunning whilst you are standing up but make sure that it is also comfortable when you are sitting. You don’t want to be fidgeting throughout the speeches and wedding breakfast because parts of your dress are pinching or digging into your skin. A dress with a very long train will look stunning as you walk down the aisle but is less practical when you want to dance well into the night, so ensure you can loop the back of your dress up securely for ease of movement.

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