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Black Dice Watches

Black Dice Watches
Black Dice Industries, established in 2005 out of London with the aim to revolutionize the concept of luxury fashion timewear accessories. Each timepiece is styled with the elements of fashion, music and urban lifestyle in complete harmony.

Each product appeals to a demanding sub-culture of consumer that expects styling and design that evokes the heart and soul of their lifestyle – and an uncompromising dedication to performance. Quality materials, and cutting edge technology ensures that what is expected, is delivered. All watches use high precision analogue movements, custom designed digital or cutting edge LED's. Bracelets and cases are made from solid stainless steel, straps from high quality genuine leather.

In a world where detail has become what defines us, Black Dice is committed to bringing this detail to the world of timewear accessories.

Each watch in the Black Dice range is referred to by its own name, characterizing it’s unique personality.

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