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The Absolute Very best Technique To Start A Conversation With A Woman - The Eye Contact Technique
The Absolute Very best Technique To Start A Conversation With A Woman - The Eye Contact Technique
How do you know if a woman is open to your approach? This is the issue of every man on earth and probably also the biggest phobia that has cursed man since eve bit into that stupid apple. Manly men insist they'd rather go to combat than face the possible rejection of a woman. So what is it about approaching a woman and rejection that makes grown men weep and piss their pants? Also, what IS the best technique to approach a woman?

The reason approaching a woman is so terrifying is because of the extreme amount of uncertainty involved. When you see a nice-looking woman and thinking of speaking to her, what runs through your nervous little head?

Does she have a husband?
Will she find me attractive?
Probably she's too busy to meet anyone.
Will she be receptive to me speaking to her?
What if she thinks I'm ugly / fat / geeky / short / old / dumb / desperate / creepy?

Uncertainty: The enemy of the game

I'm sure you can think of a lot more things that run through your mind when you see an approach opportunity come your way. If you get terrified or anxious when this takes place, it's because of one thing: UNCERTAINTY.

You don't know how the girl you want to approach is going to respond! So you're terrified because the outcome could be bad and you get the dreadful REJECTION!

Well, feel uneasy about this no more, because there is a strategy you can apply so you'll never have to worry about a bad reaction again. This million dollar strategy that you will learn totally free below is:

The power of eye contact

We all know that eye contact is important, but something funny takes place when we make eye contact with another person. We become COMPELLED to respond to them in some fashion.

Unbelievable? Try this test: Go up to a complete stranger (a man) make strong eye contact and extend your hand for a handshake. Unless the stranger is a psycho, he WILL shake your hand. This is the power of eye contact. You can essentially compel someone to do what you want by initiating and establishing eye contact.

When it pertains to women, you can use this very same eye contact to figure out if she's open to meeting you. In fact, you can make it so that the woman become compelled to OPEN YOU!

The Eye Contact Technique

when you see a woman you want to meet, LOCK your eyes on her! Seriously, just stare at her eyes, even if she's not looking at you.

When people are out and about, they will normally look around to keep aware of their surroundings. This is an unconscious thing we all do. Eventually, the woman you're locking onto will feel your eyes on her and look around and scan the surroundings.

When her scan comes to you, her eyes will unavoidably meet yours, and you'll be joined in eye contact. Once that happens, simply SMILE at her. If she smiles back, guess what? She's OPEN TO YOU APPROACHING HER.

If she does smile back, say "Hi there!" And if she replies, it's game set !

Go right into your opener, create rapport, make an emotional connection, display high value, make her laugh, neg her, etc.. All the normal PUA stuff.

Made specifically for low key scenarios!

This strategy works specifically well in low-key scenarios like grocery stores, coffee shops, book stores, etc. where you could feel like a creep trying to hit on a woman. And the best part is, after you give her a winning smile, the girl herself will say "Hi there!" and initiate contact and open you.

This is one of the best techniques to approach women and has not failed me yet! So the next time you're out, try this on every pretty woman (and some men, just to see how well it works) you see. Just Lock your eyes onto them like a laser beam and see what takes place. I guarantee you, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the final results. Just make certain you don't stare and drool like a creep though!

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