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Oxytocin Side Effects in Men
Oxytocin Side Effects in Men
For men who have low libido oxytocin is a natural hormone that improves energy and performance! Oxytocin positively impacted a number of hormone components for natural function and is well tolerated. The oxytocin side effects in men helps to improve intimacy according to a published case report.

Doctors at the San Diego Medical Center discovered this side effect of the so-called love hormone while treating a hubby and father who had been diagnosed with relationship and social problems. The patient, a successful businessman, was married but was otherwise mostly unsocial, what the researchers described as an "innate aversion to social relationships." He told the doctors he knew he should socialize more.

The biggest Oxytocin Side Effects In Men

The biggest side effect in this case, however, was seen in the bedroom. The man experienced a 46 % passionate improvement in, as measured on a basic scale, including more desire, more arousal, improved stamina and even heightened passion. When he occasionally forgot to take oxytocin these effects disappeared.

In this oxytocin side effects in men study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the drug produced small but noticeable improvements in the patient's social behavior that were remarked upon both by colleagues at work and by the man's spouse. She reported that "he wants to be closer," which led to more intimacy and emotional bonding.

Hormones and Oxytocin Side Effects In Men

Most hormones don't influence behavior directly. Rather, they affect thinking and emotions in variable ways. Researchers have several theories about oxytocin side effects in men and the specific processes that oxytocin engages. In particular, they suggest that by reducing anxiety and prompting us to get close to someone else, oxytocin allows the brain to pay closer attention to subtle social cues.

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